How To Be More Environmentally Friendly As A Renter

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In today’s world, so many more people are asking about how to be more environmentally conscious. We find this to be the case when we talk to people looking to rent, particularly in more urban areas. In some cases, buildings themselves will have special features that will contribute to the cause. One example is installing solar panels, such as at our Middleton Station, an apartment community in Middleton WI, where they utilize solar power to heat their hot water. However, there are so many ways that you can be more environmentally conscious at  a micro level within your rental home. Here are some ideas…

Limit your water consumption
-Take a shower instead of a bath. Only turn on the shower when you are ready to get in. Wash your dishes by hand. There are so many ways to conserve water within your home.

Turn off the lights
– This seems like such an obvious one…but when you live in an apartment, sometimes it’s easy to think about the smaller space and think that the additional power doesn’t matter. But if we had tenants at all 500 of our properties turning off their lights automatically, we would save so much power and stress on the environment. 

Turn off your power strips
– If you are going away for the weekend…or even just leaving for a day at the office, take a moment to turn off your power strips.

Grow your own food
– Utilize those balconies! You could have a couple of small plants in pots or we have even had tenants who created verticle planters out of pallets to grow their own herbs in. 

– Nearly all apartment communities have both a trash and recycling bin. Pick up a second garbage bin and separate your trash before taking it outside.

Overall, there are so many micro ways you can be more environmentally conscious. What other ideas do you have? 

– Wisconsin Management Company

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