Tips for Living in an Apartment Home with Pets

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Having a pet can make apartment living so much fun, but there are a few things to consider to make sure your pet is happy in their new home. Today’s blog is your go-to guide for living in an apartment home with pets. 

Take their personality into consideration. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment home or looking to adopt a new pet, make sure you take their personality into consideration. For example, if your pet is very active and full of energy, your apartment home should have space for them to move around, like an enclosed outdoor area for them to spend their time in, or a park nearby.  

Get into a routine. Routines are very important for pets – especially in an apartment home! Things like bathroom breaks, exercise, bedtime and eating can help them acclimate into the space, and to also make sure they don’t disrupt your neighbors or community. Plus, it can help limit any mess and damage from bathroom accidents to rummaging through snack drawers or trash.  

Interactive toys. It can be challenging to make sure your pet gets all of the play and exercise time it needs, so investing in interactive toys can be a great way to entertain them without you physically there or involved. This is great if you have to leave home for work or for extended periods of time. Your pets will love spending hours finding and playing with these toys!  

Groom them regularly. For their wellbeing and your home’s cleanliness, grooming your pets regularly will help ensure your pets are comfortable and healthy, while keeping your apartment in good shape.  

Pet-proof your apartment. Most importantly, your apartment home should be safe for your pet. We’ve covered exactly how to do this in a previous blog! Make sure you check it out here.  

Looking for more pet-related tips? We’ve covered how you can move with your dog and prepare for a new pet on our blog. 

2 thoughts on “Tips for Living in an Apartment Home with Pets

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I should be mindful of the personality of my pet when planning to take care of one in an apartment. I want to find a good pet-friendly apartment complex soon because I plan to move out of my parents’ house soon. I want to prioritize being able to bring my dog along with me because she gets lonely when I’m not around.


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